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As a homeowner, installing a new residential solar energy system is a smart choice. You can save money every month by reducing or eliminating your utility bill. From the moment our professionals install your solar panels, you can generate clean energy, reduce your family's carbon footprint for years to come, and continuously enjoy other benefits.
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Solar Energy Savings for your Home

How does solar work?

The electricity generated by rooftop solar panels first supplies on-site needs, with the grid supplying additional electricity as needed. When the home or business generates more electricity than it consumes, the electricity is fed back into the grid.

One of the biggest benefits that rooftop solar provides to the grid is that it often produces electricity when—and where—that power is most valuable. For example, in many regions demand on the electricity system peaks in the afternoon on hot, sunny days, when air conditioning use is high and when rooftop solar is performing strongly. Such systems therefore help utilities meet peak demand without firing up seldom-used power plants that are both expensive and more polluting than most other options

Rooftop systems also reduce strain on electricity distribution and transmission equipment by allowing homes and businesses to first draw power on-site instead of relying completely on the electricity grid. The benefits are twofold: the use of on-site power avoids the inefficiencies of transporting electricity over long distances, and on-site systems potentially allow the utility to postpone expensive upgrades to its infrastructure.

We believe owning your own power plant is better than renting one. Installing a solar panel system increases the value of your home and reduces or eliminates your electric bill.

The process starts with your usage history and a quick conversation to see if solar is right for you. If so, we’ll prepare a comprehensive proposal with renderings, financing options and more.
As a full design-build electrical contractor we have the in-house talent to handle any challenge. Our experts will use CAD to customer design a system based on your home’s dimensions and assemble the permit submittal packet.
Solar system installations only take a couple of days, but don’t worry; we don’t rush to complete jobs like the big national companies. Our own highly trained installers will walk you through the installation plan on day 1 and won’t leave until you’re completely satisfied with our work.
Once we pass inspection, the system is turned on and we teach you how to use the monitoring software to track production. You start enjoying the benefits of solar power and we stand ready to support you if there is ever a problem.

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