Keep Your Solar Panel System Clean

Solar panels are designed in such a way that an occasional rain storm will clean them to a large extent. Moreover, solar panels have no moving parts in them, due to which they don’t require a lot of maintenance. However, lack of scheduled solar panel cleaning can affect their efficiency to a great degree. At least a few times a year, the solar panels have to be inspected for any collected dust, dirt and debris. You should be very careful when inspecting the solar panels, especially if they are placed very high on your roof. Use ladders if you must, but take the necessary precautions.

Many Southern California residents find climbing their roofs to manually clean the large panels a difficult task. A number of solar panel owners (both residences and businesses) find that after resolving to clean their panels themselves, they simply don’t have the time or energy to do this – meaning that the panels continue to accumulate debris and run at a low efficiency.

Let Solaryna Energy Do The Dirty Work!

Solar module cleaning services from Solaryna are an easy and cost-effective solution to low performance. Our fully licensed and skilled technicians will clean your panels properly by utilizing solvents and methods that are above industry standards. In addition, our low priced panel cleaning service also includes a free solar audit ensuring your system is working at its highest possible efficiency.
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