If we can’t have solar in America, how about on the moon?

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Since President Trump effectively declared war on renewable energy in the US, with the possible intention of Making China Great Again, solar power developers might be looking for more amenable territories to expand into.

So what about our nearest celestial neighbor? At a mere 238,900 miles (384,000km) away and with absolutely no cloud cover, the moon could be a contender for solar expansion.

Well, retired physicist David Criswell thinks so. He’s been working on the details for over 40 years now, and reckons it could provide all the extra energy we’re going to need in the future.

Criswell – who unfortunately shares his name with an entirely different type of visionary  –  foresees collectors based on the moon, wirelessly beaming power to the Earth, where is will be shared out amongst the grateful economies of the world.

Meanwhile, back on Terra Firma, it looks like despite Trump’s best efforts, Earth-bound solar in the US might have a bright future to look forward to, after all.

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