the truth about solar marketing

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Solar energy technology has finally become viable from an economic standpoint, to the point which more and more homeowners are finally starting to leverage everything that solar energy has to offer in helping them go green, save money, and improve the environment – starting with their local environment!

More and more solar companies are popping up left and right, with many of them being gobbled up by some of the larger companies in the business as entrepreneurs and investors really start to seize upon the potential that solar energy has going forward.

And while these options have definitely opened up a lot of opportunity in the solar energy community, the truth of the matter is consumers are into getting quite as fair a shake as they had believed they were – mostly because of major advertising and marketing initiatives by these big time companies that are jacking up the prices of solar panels, solar systems, and solar solutions.

Sure, there are some companies that are resisting this kind of outpouring of advertising and marketing money – specifically companies like Solaryna that can serve as much money as possible through digital marketing efforts while at the same time passing along those savings to their customers – before the most part of the solar community is the next “gold rush” and companies are blowing millions if not billions of dollars on advertising and charging customers higher rates because of it.

In an effort to better help you make heads and tails of the situation so that you can move forward with the kind of solar companies that are responsible environmentally as well as when it comes to your paycheck and your bank account, we hope you’ll make the most of the inside information we are able to share with you below.

Solar is big business…

It used to be that solar panel installation, solar systems, and solar energy in general was more of a niche kind of focus, taken advantage of by scientists and serious hobbyists/enthusiasts that were looking to make the most of groundbreaking new technology (at that time, anyway) to “go off the grid” and lessen their environmental footprint.

Today, however, the solar community looks like an entirely different entity with literally billions and billions of dollars flowing this way and that. Solar energy is huge business these days (as are other alternative energy sources), and we are only really starting to begin to see the kinds of positive dividends that next generation solar technology has to offer.

Because solar is such a big business right now there are a handful of companies that are looking to consolidate as much of the business as humanly possible, companies that are looking to gobble up smaller and more innovative companies while increasing their overall market share so that they can come to dominate what many consider to be the “next big thing” in energy and business.

This has all lead to some pretty sky high acquisitions, has in turn required companies that purchase other companies to advertise in market these mergers more aggressively, and has led to higher prices in pretty much every aspect of the solar world today.

Some folks still have a bad taste in your mouth

As we highlighted above, when solar first started to explode into the public consciousness a lot of people were really excited about the prospects of new solar panels, new solar companies, and the overall step-by-step breakdown of proper solar panel installation.

Unfortunately, the first generation technology that was utilized to lay the foundation of the solar community today was nowhere near as reliable, nowhere near as efficient, and nowhere near as inexpensive as it is today.

Solar marketing at that point in time was very aggressive about this being a major transformation in the world energy field, but in reality this was just the conception of this new form of energy and it really wasn’t ready for “prime time”.

This led to a lot of early adapters getting burned by their solar system and feeling as though solar energy wasn’t ever going to be what it was touted as right then. Most folks continue to have at least a little bit of skepticism about the huge promises that solar companies continue to make today, and a lot of it is because they continue to have this bad taste in their mouth from the first few solar companies that promised the moon and the stars but never delivered the sun!

This has led to gigantic marketing budgets and costs!

Major advertising campaigns are being pushed out by solar companies today – many of them solar digital marketing campaigns – designed to help transform the perception that people have about solar energy and open their minds about the potential of new technology and everything that it has to truly offer.

Because there is such a deep-rooted sense of misunderstanding and maybe even mistrust towards old-school solar energy, these companies have had to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on marketing campaigns (including millions each month on Google AdWords and other online advertising opportunities) all in an effort to lay the foundation for their customers to open their minds – and possibly their pocketbooks – towards this next generation of solar solutions.

This has (unsurprisingly) caused the cost of solar panel installation and actual solar panel costs themselves to shoot right through the roof, mostly because these companies have to build their marketing and their advertising budgets into their product prices so that they can cover their margins.

At the same time, you’ll see companies smaller companies stand up against this kind of initiative where solar costs are so sky high and instead cut out a lot of the marketing and advertising waste to in turn offer their customers tremendous discounts and extreme savings on solar panel installation and solar system setups.

A little about us…

A company like Solaryna has earned a reputation for offering only the highest and solar technology at prices that are almost unbelievably low compared to the rest of the competition. In fact, Solaryna offers 12 months of FREE electricity – that’s how serious they are about passing the savings along!

By limiting the amount of capital that they blow on perception advertising as opposed to direct marketing (which should have a positive ROI right out of the gate) companies like Solaryna have been able to build their businesses with incredible speed all because of how they treat their customers.

This is all because they cut out the fat and the waste of those oversized and (honestly) often times unnecessary marketing and advertising budgets that a lot of other solar companies just won’t abandon. Those kinds of companies aren’t necessarily interested in offering their customers the best service or the best technology, however, and are often times much more interested in making sure that they gobble up more customers than anyone else so that they are acquired or so that they can go out and acquire other companies!

If you want to do business with a legitimate operation that understands why you value solar energy in the first place, a company that will pass along as many saving opportunities as possible, and a company that utilizes only the latest solar technology available and will continue to do so in the future, you’ll want to be sure you’re working with solar companies like Solaryna.

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