Doubts regarding the Solar Panel of Tesla

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SunPower, one of the famous solar power companies’ CEO, Tom Werner is doubtful regarding the ability of Tesla Motor Corp.’s offer to produce solar roof at a very low price point. This had been promised by the CEO, Elon Musk, in the month of November. The California based Tesla, Palo Alto, is combined with the Musk’s SolarCity now in a deal of 2.6 billion dollars. According to them, their solar roofs will be costing much less as compared to normal roofs after the factoring of the labor price and before taking any consideration on savings from the generation of energy. The traditional solar panels are made up of the photovoltaic steels that are generally installed over the traditional roofs. But the solar roof of Tesla is made up of Quartz glass, which replaces a roof entirely.

No Ambitions Without Roof

Elon Musk said that if the basic proposition would be for a roof that is better in terms of looks, lasts longer and also costs a lot less and generate electricity, no one would be getting anything else. This speech was given after the shareholders approved of the Tesla-SolarCity merger by casting votes. Around ten years back, SunPower had put into similar efforts to offer a solar roof but it was very expensive as compared to the energy it produced. Tom Werner stated that the customers did not find it cool enough and it was priced high.

Doubtful Analysts

The analysts have a doubt regarding the promise that has been made by Musk. According to the investment firm, the solar rooftops can cost around 6 dollars per square foot, if the transportation costs are not considered. Tesla defended itself by stating that specifications of the roof have not been announced yet and will also last much longer compared to the asphalt shingles. Tile roofs are used by the homeowners and they cost around 11,000 dollars and the installation charges are 30,000 dollars. The new products of Tesla are very attractive for owners who are tired of huge bill amounts. According to Sam Jose, CEO of the California based SunPower, the entry of Tesla is going to be a huge benefit for the industry.

Tesla Solar Panels

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